Ad World Masters Launch

Ad World Masters Official Launch

Dublin – 19th March 2019

Ad World Masters is super charging agency search with AI

Start-up Ad World Masters is launching a platform designed to solve the dual task of searching for an agency and finding new clients more quickly and accurately. With 10,000 pre-referenced agencies, the newly launched platform uses big data combined with AI algorithms to help showcase agencies on a global scale.

The Ad World Masters (ADWM) platform is a simple to use web tool that helps marketers and agencies to connect. It offers a unique way for marketers to discover agencies: a worldwide agency ranking based on AI-calculated scores that estimate an agency’s work and performance at different levels. ADWM considers different agencies’ awards, experience, skill sets and big data: reviews, web, social, SEO with AI algorithms that evaluate over 160 parameters1.

At a time of great budget segmentation and global cooperation between marketers and clients, we believe this approach can help agencies land new clients whilst helping clients find new gems within the agency landscape.” says ADWM CEO and Co-founder Thomas Lavernhe. “This is the first ranking of its kind in the world, and we acknowledge our scoring algorithm might not make everybody happy, but we believe intelligent scoring that considers a multitude of variables will finally help agencies to grow faster thanks to matching with the right clients.”

Ad World Masters scores agencies from 0 to 10 – ten being the highest – using AI algorithms that have been trained and tested on data from close to 10,000 agencies. The platform has features dedicated to both agencies and clients.

It allows marketers to search through the agency database and discover new potential partners by using advanced filtering options, helping them to find the agencies that can answer their specific business needs. Simultaneously, agencies have the chance to become easily found and can opt to promote themselves through a simple built-in advertising system whilst given the ability to discover potential leads and insights using the detailed statistics available. The platform also provides a place for clients to review their agency partners, providing valuable feedback.

According to a 2018 HubSpot survey, finding new clients is a key pain point for 60% of agencies. Marketers, on the other hand, are less tied to their agency partners. A lack of transparency coupled with the changing technological landscape means clients are increasingly bringing services in-house and conducting agency reviews more frequently.

A survey from the design firm Up To The Light also reveals that “52% of clients believe most agency websites fail to communicate the agency’s difference.”

In light of these findings, ADWM aims to help ease the pain by offering user-friendly solutions for both worlds allowing agencies and marketers to better reach and find their match quickly and more easily.

“We believe that for agencies and clients, the industry has never before been in more need of a solution such as ADWM. Marketers need to identify an agency potential fast and agencies need to find new clients who fit their competencies. Our platform is digitalising and simplifying the process, taking it a step closer to booking an agency in the same way that we might book a taxi, hotel or order a take away online. We are actively working towards making this a reality in the very near future.” says Robert Sosnowski, CVO and Co-founder of ADWM.

The base service is free for marketers and agencies, while actively prospecting agencies can benefit from a Premium membership.2

1 The AI scoring system is featured on ADWM platform here.
2 The premium membership for agencies is €300 per year (early bird rate).


For more information please contact Julia James at Julia James PR on +44(0)7778 158102 email: [email protected].

About Ad World Masters
Ad World Masters is a self-funded start-up headquartered in Dublin, founded by Robert Sosnowski and Thomas Lavernhe. The pair started work on their idea and prototype in 2017.

Robert Sosnowski is a serial entrepreneur and a university marketing lecturer, who has founded an advertising agency and own influencer marketing platform. As a digital transformation expert, he uses his experience and knowledge to define the long-term strategy of the ADWM project.
Thomas Lavernhe is a Jack-of-all-trades who has worked in advertising as a creative strategist. As a digital marketing expert, he uses his skill-set to develop the ADWM product and optimize operations.

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