How AI works!
Ad World Masters is a worldwide ranking of agencies based on state-of-the-art scoring algorithms.
Agency Score

The Agency Score is a number between 0 and 10 assessing the relative potential of agencies. The relative potential does not represent only present performance or experience of an agency, but comparative performances by liberating any measurement from size effect or superfluous correlations. The Agency Score helps you clearly and quickly identify agency's potential without the hassle of comparing them by letting our algorithms do the work.


ADWM uses a unique combination of crowdsourced, raw and verified data to assess the calculation of the Agency Score according to a complete set of criteria such as Awards, Reviews, SEO, Social, Web and more...

Calculation methodology

The collected data is processed by our algorithms which executes the complex calculation to determine the Agency Score. The higher the agency score the more difficult it is to raise.

Key concepts:
Ratio not numbers
The Agency Score is relative and not additive, meaning its calculation are based on ratios rather than numbers...
Live data
The Agency Score is measured using a various stream of live data, therefore it is updated regularly, to keep current with your improvements.
Agency Score does not assess directly how good an agency is however how good it can be compared to the competition.
360° analysis
Awards review, social media, web, SEO... all of this has its importance in communication and so does for our algorithms.
Computers do not lie
Our algorithms only value data nothing will change the score except data input. Intelligent they detect suspicious data input so we can be sure nobody tricks them.
Human control
The data input is controlled by our moderators whom verify the authenticity of information provided.
Data due-date
The data submitted by the user needs to be actualized every year, not doing so result in a score drop.
All special all different
The algorithm follows agencies' specialties by adapting itself towards each specialty to ensure meaningful scoring across all.

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