5 Tips to Improve your Agency Score

5 Tips to improve your Agency Score

Ad World Masters relies on data to score your agency, data that is input by you and that we verify to ensure the quality and relevance of the information presented. With Ad World Masters Agency Of The Year Competition, we wanted to give you a few insights on how you can improve your Agency Score.

Complete your agency profile

Ad World Masters relies on data, the information about your agency should be complete and accurate. Make sure you thoroughly completed the form and you’ll raise your profile’s strength… and potentially your Agency Score too.

More is more

In design, we tend to say: “Less is more”, with data that’s the opposite and more data is often better. We invite you to be concise and add all the information about your agency. Listing skills, awards, and social channels can help our system better estimate your score. Remember that this information may be verified by our moderators.

Add at least 4 of your projects

Showcase your work by adding more projects to your agency profile. We understand a greater portfolio as a more experienced agency.

Invite somebody to manage this page with you

Invite one of your coworkers to manage your profile on Ad World Masters with you. Ad World Masters allow you to invite one (or more) of your colleague to co-manage the profile with you. If you do not have the time input and edit the data by yourself simply invite somebody and this person will be able to check and improve the profile with you.

Get clients reviews and improve your score

Client reviews (if they are positive) can help you raise your score. Invite some of your clients to write reviews using the custom invitation link available from your dashboard. Thanks to this unique link your clients will be guided into the process of entering a review for your agency.

Good luck in raising your score!  To learn more about Ad World Masters technology read “How AI Works“. To learn more about the Agency Of The Year Competition read “Agency Of The Year 2019“.

We are here to help, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Ad World Masters.

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