Ad World Masters benefits for agencies

What are the Benefits of Ad World Masters for Agencies?

According to the 2018 HubSpot Agency growth report, finding new clients has been identified as the primary pain point for 60% of agencies interviewed. This is precisely where we want to help. Our mission is to solve a two-sided problem for agencies and marketers: both finding agencies and finding clients.

Making your agency easily discoverable

If you ask clients and marketers around the world to name agencies, they will certainly cite you a few. However, this number will hardly go beyond a dozen, depending on the agency specialty and the client’s knowledge about his market. In fact, clients’ search for an agency is nearly as difficult as it is for an agency to find new clients. Marketers (maybe like every client or consumer) don’t want to be sold off an agency but rather discover it. With this in mind, Ad World Masters is making the agency search open, simple, and precise for everyone.

The Agency Score

The ADWM Agency Score combines big data with AI algorithms to score agencies like never before. Nothing can alter the scoring but the data the algorithms consume to score an agency. The score’s function is to help any people looking for agencies to cut through the noise and find suggestions, and maybe more importantly, to reward agencies. The score summarizes an agency’s effort to maintain its brand and work quality to the best it possibly can. The ranking is open and accessible, for free, to any agency.

Compare yourself to your competition

Since the ADWM ranking is open, any agency can compare itself to its competitors. Some might argue that comparing is bad, others say competition is good. We are in the latter group. In our opinion, competition has always been fierce in the agency market and we believe it has helped the market move forward and produce amazing projects. We are just digitalising the competition. Also, we think bringing some order and transparency to the process can only help.

Identify your prospects

With Statistics (included in Premium), agency managers can identify the marketer users who visit or shortlist their agency. That is a handy feature for actively prospecting agencies who can easily get in touch with these new leads and start a conversation on their business needs. Another advantage of Statistics is that it makes it possible for agencies to identify companies and also markets from which they foster interest. These insights could also lead to a successful orientation of the agency’s marketing efforts.

Get insights about your agency

When subscribing to Premium, agencies can get insights by learning where most of their visits come from, as well as a more detailed analysis of their scores. Which can also help agency managers understand how they can improve their ADWM Agency Score, by knowing what areas to focus on.

Promote your agency

Ad World Masters offer the possibility for agencies to gain visibility through more than just their scoring. Indeed, agencies can promote their profile through 2 native advertising placements within Ad World Masters: ‘Featured’ and ‘Agencies of the Month’ (for agencies scoring over 8.5). Both these advertising placements use the content from your agency profile to create a native advert that will be displayed to marketers visiting Ad World Masters. Since the system uses the data from your profile, there is no need to prepare graphics or copy for the ads, and your first campaign can be ready in a few clicks. Advertising packages start at €50.

Entrust your prospect and clients

The score calculated for each agency is the result of complex calculations and is based on the analysis of over 160 factors. Numbers are universal, and in this sense tell something that can be understood by everyone. The ADWM Agency Score gives your prospects and clients a clear idea of your positioning within the market. The ADWM Agency Score is a global mark of trust that complements your agency brand story, helping you secure clients and proving the value of your agency thanks to an independent and fair opinion. Agencies subscribing to Premium can download and integrate a Live Badge featuring their score on their website or anywhere HTML can be embedded.

Knowing that agencies need to be discovered before even being contacted, we wanted to offer a place for agencies’ true potential to shine, and to allow marketers and agencies to start collaboration faster. That’s what we hope to help with at Ad World Masters. Register and add your agency for free today; we’d love you to have you on board.

This is just the beginning and keeping the agency business in mind, we are continually improving the platform to help agencies get new business easily. Some great things await! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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