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Frequently asked questions

About Ad World Masters

Who uses Ad World Masters?
Marketers who are looking for agencies (e.g. Brand Managers, Product Managers, or Marketing Managers). Agencies who are looking for new business (CEOs, Founders, Business Developers, Senior Account Managers, New Business Managers, PR Managers, Marketing Directors, or Managers).
How does Ad World Masters benefit agencies?
Ad World Masters is a unique tool for agency growth, and is especially helpful for new business development. Learn more about Ad World Masters' features for agencies >
What benefits does Ad World Masters offer marketers?
Ad World Masters is a unique tool for marketers, especially those who are searching for agency partners. Learn more about Ad World Masters' features for marketers >

Account / Profile

Should I sign up as a marketer or an agency?
Are you a marketer? Or do you work in an agency? If you can answer this question then you should know. Not sure which describes you best? You want to look for an Agencies > Marketer account. Specifically, you want to set up an agency profile on Ad World Masters to reach potential prospects > Agency account.
Is it possible for me to edit information after the form has been published?
Yes, sure! You can edit any information at any time.
When should I create a separate agency profile?
We suggest users remember these rules: One name, one agency profile! This means that what no matter what your agency is named, if you have several brands, each one of them is a different agency. The information you enter for each agency profile should be specific to this entity.
What is profile strength? What can I do to improve my agency's profile strength?
Profile strength refers to how complete your profile is. The more information you add, the more complete it will be.
Why can’t I find a speciality?
Specialities and skills can be subjective. Try to find the best fit in the corresponding list, and if you really feel something is missing, please drop us a line at [email protected].
How to change the Person of contact avatar?
The person of contact avatar can be changed by registering an Agency account with the email associated to the Person of contact. We recommend you to invite this account to become a Manager of the same agency profile.
Can I change my account from marketer to agency and vice versa?
Yes, definitely. We understand that you might switch from one world to the other during your career, so you can switch between the two on Ad World Masters under your account settings.
What if my agency has multiple offices?
You can add multiple offices to your agency profile. Your agency profile will appear in the corresponding searches. If you have offices abroad, we recommend you create an agency profile for each country. Indeed, we understand each market is different and offices under the same brand abroad may be different entities.
What is a Premium for an agency profile?
Premium allows an agency to unlock exclusive functionalities, such as access to more statistics and data, and the ability to display their Live Score badge. With a Premium account for agencies, you can identify potential clients who visit your profile. You will be able to see their name, picture, and contact info such as their LinkedIn profile. Agency users can learn more about Premium on their dashboard.
How much does it cost to upgrade my account to Premium?
Regular price is €1000 per year. For a limited time the price is generously discounted to €300 per year for early adopters, while we continue to improve the platform.
How can I unsubscribe/remove my account on Ad World Masters when I no longer need it?
If you wish to terminate your user account on ADWM (either an agency or marketer account), just terminate your account in ‘Settings’. If you no longer want your agency to appear in the ranking, you can do this yourself once you have claimed your agency profile. If you need assistance with this, please contact [email protected].

Agency Of The Year

What Is the Agency of the Year?
Agency Of The Year is a competition based on Ad World Masters data and technology which awards the best agencies the title of "Agency Of The Year" basing on their Agency Score.
Which agency can enter the Agency Of The Year competition?
Every agency can enter the Competition. For the United Kingdom and the United States, agencies need to be claimed to participate in the competition. For the rest of the world agencies simply listed on Ad World Masters de facto participate in the competition.
How the title is discerned?
The title is given basing on the Agency Score. There are 3 types of titles:
Gold for Agency Score ≥ 9.2
Silver for Agency Score ≥ 8.7
Bronze for Agency Score ≥ 8.5
How much does it cost?
It's Free! There are no fees to register your agency nor to participate in the competition. Awarded agencies will receive the title and can download a digital badge for free. For agencies wishing to mark the achievement, it will be possible to order and purchase an Award or a Certificate of their Title but there is strictly no obligation.

The Chemistry Test

What is The Chemistry Test?
The Chemistry Test is a fun and engaging way to test your vision alignement with an agency. Without replacing a meeting, it gives you a quick overview of the agency's work vision by comparing your answers with the answers from the agency. Learn more about The Chemistry Test.

Claiming an Agency profile

None of my team added my agency but it is already on ADWM as an unclaimed agency. How?
Like many web services, we rely on crowdsourced information and allow users to pre-register agencies. Agency profiles are often pre-registered by clients or people from the advertising industry using publicly available data.
My agency already appears as claimed. What should I do next?
Your agency probably appears as claimed because one of your collaborators went through the claiming process and is now administrator of the agency profile on ADWM. Get in touch with the designated contact person on the agency profile. If they are an administrator of this page, they can invite you to it and grant you authorizations. Once you have joined this agency profile, you can edit its information. If you want to be granted administrator status, you have to ask your collaborator – the current administrator – to grant you the admin rights. Please note that there is only one administrator for each agency profile. If for some reason it is not possible to go through this process, we advise you to contact support directly by email at [email protected].
How can I claim my agency?
To claim your agency, you should sign up for an agency account, then claim your agency by visiting its already existing profile. You will be able to claim an agency either by verifying your LinkedIn, if you are the company page administrator, or by connecting with one of the company’s social media profiles. If you cannot provide such information, you can claim it manually by contacting our moderators. If you have any difficulties while trying to claim your agency profile, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Review Process

How does ADWM verify profiles?
Our Ad World Masters moderators review profile inputs. If there are no serious errors, a profile will be approved and verified. However, if the information entered cannot be verified, we might have to decline or even delete a profile. Please note that if your agency has received awards in the past, it is important to include a link with a detailed list of the awards it has received. This list must match the number of awards and categories on the form. Failure to include a list often makes verifying this information very difficult, or even impossible. Ad World Masters and its moderators reserve the right to approve or decline information after verifying whether the declared information matches the data sources provided and other sources.
How long does it take for my agency's profile to be reviewed?
Our moderators review information to ensure it is correct. It usually takes between a few and 48 hours.


How does scoring work?
Our AI algorithms use a unique combination of crowdsourced, raw, and verified data to assess and calculate an Agency Score based on a complete set of criteria. These include, but are not limited to, Awards, Reviews, SEO, Social, and Web criteria. Our AI algorithms analyse over 160 parameters for each agency. Read more on How AI works? >
Why are some Agency Scores grey?
If an agency score is displayed in a lighter shade, this means the score has not yet been verified. This can occur either due to a lack of information, or just because the agency itself has not yet verified the information. If this is the case, a disclaimer on the agency profile will remind users of the corresponding agency profile.
My ADWM Agency Score has changed, but I did nothing for this to happen. How is this possible?
Many elements come into play when your Agency Score is calculated. You might not even be aware you did something. Did you post something new on one of your social media accounts? A new article on the agency blog? Actions like these can influence your score.
How often is a score actualized?
Most changes do not happen overnight, but we do our best to actualize them as often as possible. Depending on server availability, scores are actualized every 12 to 72 hours.
How can I raise my ADWM Agency Score?
The score is calculated using various datasets. Over 160 parameters influence your score. This means there are plenty of ways to raise your score. The best advice we can give is to do great work for yourself and your clients. We do not want to give the specific details of the Ad World Masters AI Algorithms, as we would like to avoid any possible manipulation. A Premium membership for agencies allows agencies a more detailed overview of their score through ‘Sub-Scores’, which reveal key areas to focus on to improve their Agency Score.
Why an agency profile has a no score and a "clock" displayed instead?
= Pending scoring.
Sometimes you may see this icon instead of the ADWM Agency Score. It means the score is pending calculation. Indeed the scoring is a complex process its calculation is not instant. Since the ADWM Agency Score is rely on external and verified data, its calculation is depending on the accessibility of this data and the verification process. Hence, it can take a few days before the ADWM Agency Score is assessed.


What are ‘Elite Agencies’?
Elite Agencies are excellent agencies with scores between 8.5 and 10. Gold ≥ 9.2. Silver ≥ 8.7. Bronze ≥ 8.5.
As a marketer, I cannot see an agency that I know in the ranking. Why is this?
Ad World Masters currently has over 10,000 agencies referenced from all over the world, but the database still needs to grow. Marketers can pre-register agencies on Ad World Masters and learn about their score. Note that their score will be definitive only once the information they enter has been verified both our our moderators and the agency itself.
What is the ADWM Live badge? What are the benefits of using it?
The Live badge allows agencies to showcase their score on their website. It relies on live stream data from ADWM. Presenting your Agency Score on your website via the ADWM Live badge can help you build credibility and make a good impression on new clients.
Prestige level: Gold, Silver, Bronze?
Agencies with score of 8.5 and above are marked as Gold ≥ 9.2. Silver ≥ 8.7. Bronze ≥ 8.5. This status is featured on the Elite Agencies campaigns and on the Live Badge.