Ad World Masters V1.2

Version 1.2 Is Live!

Today we release Ad World Masters version 1.2 with ameliorations for both Agency users and Marketers.

+ New field: Average hourly rate.
Now agencies can input their average hourly rate, which will appear in their ‘details’ section on their profile.
+ Search with filters: Improved UX of the agency search.
Filter selection has been refined to make agency search more intuitive and mobile friendly.
+ Clients list: Improved UX of client listings.
The input of clients has been simplified, and the display on agency profiles has been modified for more consistency.
+ Ranking: Enhanced performance and experience in browsing and sharing of the ranking.
Returning to the previous page brings back to the same level in the ranking. Now a search can be shared via URL.
+ Advertising: Better targeting and advertising product explanations.
+ Other: Minor UX and performance improvements.

We are continuously improving Ad World Masters, make sure to register to get information about the latest updates.
A big thanks to our users for their feedback! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea to share. 😉

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