Agency of the Year 2022

Agency of the Year 2022 Competition Is On!

This year marks the 4th edition of Ad World Masters’ Agency of the Year Competition! 🏆

Last year we rewarded 1,164 agencies from 80 countries 👉 see Ad World Masters – Agency of the Year 2021 Competition results’ summary.

By the turn of this new year, Ad World Masters will be announcing its Agencies of the Year! Celebrating the very best the industry has to offer. The competition, along with the awarded title, is based on the assessment of the Agency Score, which is determined using cutting-edge technology and data from over 12,000 agencies.

The competition will reveal the best of all Ad World Masters agencies, awarding the title of Agency of the Year 2022.

Agency of the Year

What is Ad World Masters and How Does it Work?

Ad World Masters is an AI-powered platform for matching agencies and clients. Every year we award top agencies based on scores calculated by our algorithms. Any decent agency can enter our platform for free and participate in the contest without any charges!

How does the Agency of the Year Competition work?

🎯 Register for free, provide information about the agency and claim your agency profile by confirming your identity. Eligible agencies listed on Ad World Masters take part in the competition. Agencies don’t have to submit an entry application – a valid account is enough to participate.
🎯 Get your Agency Score based on our high-end algorithms (you can try to improve it later following our tips).
🎯 If your Agency Score is 8.5 or higher on 31.12.2022, collect your digital award in the form of an Ad World Masters graphic badge you can use for free on your website, in your social media channels, communicating with clients, in presentations, e-mail signatures, etc.

You can also buy a physical version of the award in the form of an exclusive, elegant sculpture.

Score 8.5

Agency Scores Starting at 8.5 Qualify for Award Status!

Award categories are based on the agency score as follows:

🥇 Gold for Agency Scores ≥ 9.2
Silver for Agency Scores ≥ 8.7
🥉 Bronze for Agency Scores ≥ 8.5

We encourage agencies to take the time to improve your profile by filling in the most accurate information about your agency to get a chance to be awarded a badge.

Tips to improve your Agency Score.

Agency of the Year - digital awards

No Fees Required to Participate!

Bear in mind that participation and receiving the digital title do not incur any costs!

Agency Of The Year

If your agency is not on Ad World Masters yet, register and list your agency to participate!

No time to waste! You have until the end of the year to improve your score and have the chance to earn the title of Agency of the Year 2022. The competition ends on the 31st of December 2022 at noon (GMT). The competition results will be announced in the second half of January 2023, categorized by country. This will be announced on, on our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook), and in PR releases sent to media and journalists. Deadline on the 31st of December

Read more about the rules of the competition.

Agency of the Year

Good luck to all the contestants! 🍀🤍

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