Agency Of The Year

Regulations of Ad World Masters Agency of the Year Competition organized by ADWM LTD

Who can participate
  1. To be eligible to participate in this Competition, agencies must be publicly published on Ad World Masters website and have a score established by the 31st of December 2022 at 12:00 PM GMT. For agencies with an agency profile indicating office address in the UK or in the US also need to have a "claimed" profile to be elligible.
How to Enter
  1. Any agency eligible will de facto participate in the Competition.
  2. No purchase is necessary to participate (free of charge).
  3. Based on the data available on the 31st of December 2022 at 12:00PM awardee will be selected according to their Agency Score, so agencies need to input sufficient information to be scored in time.
  4. Participants understand that the algorithms on which the Agency Score is based need processing time that can be up to several days to reveal an Agency Score. ADWM LTD recommends to make the necessary as early as possible to be sure to be eligible.
  5. ADWM LTD is not responsible for lost, late participation, server unavailability or electronic limitations that may prevent an agency to participate or to be eligible.
Odds of winning
  1. The agencies are judged by ADWM AI Algorithms. More information about how ADWM AI works is available on this page: The Competition results will be human controlled and audited by ADWM LTD crew.
  2. Awardee are defined in 3 categories: Gold Agency of the Year for agencies with Agency Score ≥ 9.2. Silver Agency of the Year for agencies with the score ≥ 8.7. Bronze Agency of the Year for agencies with the score ≥ 8.5.
  3. The Competition is segmented per country. Some countries may not have any entries if no eligible agency has an Agency Score ≥ 8.5.
  4. Each agency published on can improve its score in the Competition before 31.12.2022. The score is calculated using various datasets. Over 160 parameters influence the score. This means there are plenty of ways to raise it: you can improve yours agency social media channels and its web performance, SEO, reviews, profile strength and more. Agencies have more detailed overview of their score through ‘Sub-Scores’, which reveal key areas to focus on to improve their Agency Score. The best advice we can give is to do great work for yourself and your clients. We do not want to give the specific details of the Ad World Masters AI Algorithms, as we would like to avoid any possible manipulation.
  5. The Agency Score can fluctuate during the Competition because it is updated regularly with the use of third party data.
Awards Title / Badge / Trophies and certificates
  1. Receiving the title Agency of The Year is free of charge.
  2. Awarded agencies can download and are encouraged to use the Agency Of The Year badge. Badge is a digital symbol which aim to represent and allow identification of awarded agencies. The visual design of the badge cannot be modified in any way. If an agency modifies the badge in any way, ADWM team member can contact an agency and ask not to modify the badge. Ultimately ADWM can decide to unlist an agency from the winner list and remove its title if instructions are not followed.
  3. Only awarded agencies are eligible to receive dedicated trophies and certificates.
  4. The cost of the trophy is: €1,000. The cost of the certificate is: €500. This includes shipment to any location. Time of delivery: 3-8 weeks.
  5. The trophy has a dedicated description: AGENCY BRAND, title: AGENCY OF THE YEAR, category: GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE, YEAR. The ADWM trophy package consists of the trophy and a luxury white box with the ADWM logo. Trophies are individually manufactured in the EU.
  6. Receiving the trophy or the certificate is entirely optional. Agencies may order the trophy or certificate only if they wish to have one.
  7. Payment conditions for trophies and certificates: prepayment.
  8. The description on the trophy will be made based on the details included in the ADWM LTD purchase order. The cost of a change of the agency brand on the trophy is: €300.
  9. Agencies can order more than one trophy and / or more than one certificate.
  10. The ADWM Award trophy can be effectively used in the agency’s own PR and social media communications. Official hashtags: #ADWMawards #ADWMAgencyOfTheYear #AdWorldMasters. For maximum effect, we strongly recommend using a white or a light grey background in any photographs or video footage that feature the trophy or the certificate. ADWM team member can contact an agency and ask to modify the trophy visualisations and an agency must follow such instructions.
  11. Trophy photography and visualisation can only be used after purchase of the trophy, using the trophy photography without ADWM LTD express consent is forbidden. ADWM LTD reserve the right to disqualify any agency using photography of the Trophy if it was not purchased.
  12. ADWM LTD is not responsible for any liability arising directly or indirectly from the award or use of the prize trophy or certificate.
  1. The competition refers to the year 2022.
  2. Each participants are bound by these regulations.
  3. The results of the competition will be announced in the second half of January 2023 on, in social media, in PR releases sent to media and journalists.
  4. Each agency can resign from the competition by deleting its profile from before the 31st December 2022 12:00PM. In case of any difficulties please contact us in this matter.
  5. ADWM LTD reserve the right to cancel any participation if any of the data could not be verified, or if we have sufficient ground to believe that it was attempted to manipulate the data in order to trick ADWM algorithms.
  6. This Competition is subject to all applicable laws and regulations and is void where prohibited. ADWM LTD accept no responsibility or no liability in connection with any losses or damages of any kind caused by resulting from the acceptance of these terms.
  7. ADWM LTD cannot be held liable for any lost or stolen entries, prizes, or contest information. ADWM LTD is not responsible for any computer or electronic malfunction, server unavailability, technological glitch, or human error relating to this Competition and/or the use of short-code.
  8. ADWM LTD reserves the right to make rules of the Competition changes, and change the aforementioned Competition dates.
  9. By participating in this Competition, each entrant waives any and all claims of liability against ADWM LTD, and their respective parents, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents, for any and all claims, loss, damage or injury which may occur as a result of participating.
  10. By participating in the Competition agencies approves the right to use its brand name, logo, received title and Agency Score in the PR, social media and marketing and advertising communication of the Competition.
  11. The failure by each party to enforce at any time any of the provisions of these regulations or to require at any performance by another party of any such provision, shall not constitute a waiver of such provisions, and shall not in any way affect the validity of these regulations or any part thereof, or the right of either party thereafter to enforce any provision of these regulations.