Ad World Masters Beta

Ad World Masters (beta) launched!

After 22 months in the making, we are pre-launching the Ad World Masters’ platform (beta) to improve the search between marketers and agencies.

Ad World Masters is born today with the aim to make it easier for clients to find and select agencies and for agencies to discover new potential clients across the globe.

Having been in the ad industry and digital business for over 20 years we have witnessed and been architects of its transformation.
Boosted by technology, an increasing number of skills and agencies have emerged or evolved to offer services that are innovative, experimental and pioneering. The rapidly changing business landscape coupled with the pressing need for expertise in a variety of domains has transformed the way agencies and clients collaborate. Looking for cost-effective models of cooperation, clients are now more mobile and segment their budgets to get high-end expertise from the best agencies. But whilst clients and marketeers are well placed to plan and execute tasks on their own and manage multi-agency collaboration, a challenge remains: finding the right agencies.

AI data driven scoring
With digitalization came data, and the ability for brands and agencies to track the performance of campaigns using a growing information spectrum. With Ad World Masters we have reversed the thinking and use data to track the potential of agencies to facilitate agency search – this data driven approach is at the core of Ad World Masters. Through a unique set of facts and statistics, consisting of digital metrics and human controlled analog data, we can track each agency’s potential and get a pretty accurate picture of their positioning within the market. We call it the ‘Agency Score’.

The Agency Score is a number between 0 and 10 (0 – low, 10 – high) assessing the relative potential of agencies. The scoring not only represents current performance or experience of an agency, it also offers comparative performances. The Agency Score is calculated by our AI algorithm using a unique combination of crowdsourced, raw and verified data totaling over 160 data points ranging throughout a complete set of criteria such as Awards, Company information, Reviews, SEO, Social, Web and more.
The Agency Score is the first tool of this kind for marketers to easily assess and select agencies.

Designed to benefit both Marketer and Agency users
We have designed features with both Marketer and Agency users in mind.
Marketers can easily search for agencies via the ADWM platform and narrow down their selection through intuitive filters, making the whole search process cost and time effective. Additionally, they can manage Agency shortlists and post reviews on those they collaborated with.
Agency users get to have their business found! They can manage their profile page, post projects, invite managers or colleagues to collaborate on the profile. Moreover, agency users can promote themselves using the built-in self-serve advertising system that allows the creation of their own ad campaign on the ADWM platform in a matter of seconds. A Premium subscription offers access to detailed statistics, and the ability for agencies to download their own ‘Live Badge’ featuring their Agency Score.

Free to use for Agencies and Marketers
Registration and use of Ad World Masters is free for marketers and agencies but agencies can seize the opportunity of a discounted premium membership at €300 / year during Ad World Masters Beta phase (instead of €1,000 / year – which is the regular price).

The launch of Ad World Masters Beta is a great achievement and this is just the beginning. At this early stage, we are eager to learn from our users and to keep on innovating by improving our platform, focusing on both existing features and releasing new ones. Our overall goal is to facilitate a successful and meaningful collaboration between both clients and agencies. This sits at the heart of Ad World Masters.

Come and join our community
We are grateful for the followers that we have gathered in our communities on Facebook Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn over this past year, people who have been attracted simply by the content we have shared. We are delighted to now have a combined community of over +30K people sharing with us the same passion for improved creativity in all forms of communication. Please feel free to write us at anytime or join our communities, we’d love to hear your comments and ideas.

Finally, we would like to thank the whole crew working on this project: Adrianna, Bartosz, Beata, Eugene, Joshua, Magda, Manu, Michal, Nagore, Piotr, Pedro, Zeeshan – Great job!

Thank you and let’s start this journey together!

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