Ad World Masters 1.3 Release in progress

Ad World Masters 1.3 Release in progress

You probably noticed a few changes on the platform over the past weeks. We have been rolling out updates with significant improvements for both agencies and marketers including:

  • Subscore display directly on agency profiles
  • Visits counter
  • Shortlists counter
  • Outbound clicks counter
  • Social media ‘bubble graph’

These changes reflect on our data-oriented approach towards agency search which is at the core of Ad World Masters with our unique AI-powered ranking.

Additionally, we updated and added elements and pages on the platform:

  • A Clear ‘visit agency website’ button on agency profiles
  • Improved the agency dashboard
  • Improved statistics display for Premium subscribers
  • Revamped our About Page
  • Added a new Pricing Page
  • Resolved issues with notifications

We continue working on this release with a new exciting feature for both agencies and marketers coming soon.
The possibility for marketers to take a chemistry test and see alignment with agencies perspective.
Stay tuned for more information regarding this feature very soon. 😉

The Ad World Masters’ Team

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