Top Marketers & Top Brands in Finland - MOTY & BOTY Finland

Top Marketers & Top Brands in Finland – MOTY & BOTY Finland

Marketing’s purpose is to help brands and companies gain more visibility and mobilize audiences to take action.
A delicate art that some people and companies mastered. This competition aims to reward challenger marketers and leading brands that are pushing the industry forward. 
After a selected nomination and handful selection, our panel has decided to reward brands and professionals across the world.
With a published list for 59 countries. The competition shines line on local and regional market specificities and our jury and methodology for selection focused not only on the leaders but the doers, people enabling their brands and companies and teams with track record work in those markets.

For a fact, Finland is the country often ranked number one for being the happiest country in the world (Gallup World Poll), as the Finns have high incomes, health care for all, and a top education system. Finland remains a world leader in digitization and technology is the most important export industry. Being home to many technology companies that operate in international markets, attracting income to Finland is paramount to maintaining the welfare state, with operations constituting over 50% of all Finnish exports. They are a consumer society where the main determinant of purchase is quality. To retain Finnish consumers, it is often necessary to focus on customer service and the buying experience. The ad market is using more traditional mediums, where the TV sector accounted for 19.7%. Online advertising is growing rapidly: in recent years digital ad spending growth reached 12.6%.

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Mikko Poutanen


Brands and Marketers collecting the title are invited to order their trophy by contacting us.

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