Top Marketers & Top Brands in US - MOTY & BOTY USA

Top Marketers & Top Brands in US – MOTY & BOTY USA

Marketing’s purpose is to help brands and companies gain more visibility and mobilize audiences to take action.
A delicate art that some people and companies mastered. This competition aims to reward challenger marketers and leading brands that are pushing the industry forward.
After a selected nomination and handful selection, our panel has decided to reward brands and professionals across the world.
With a published list for 59 countries, the competition shines a light on local and regional market specificities. Our jury and methodology for selection focused not only on the leaders but also the doers, people enabling their brands and companies, and teams with track records work in those markets.

Economical leaders and with a great cultural influence the American way of life is far from the economical boom of the 50s. Great transformation and shift in consumer mindset are making staple brands that build world empires question their future in their founding country. Marketers and brands are reinventing to align with their prospective customers such as Burget King offering plant-based burgers. Subscription-based DTC business like Dollar Shave Club is a proof consumer-centric approach in the digital age is a must-have for brands to stay relevant. Millennials being now the largest population group in the US it is also the one accounting for the most purchasing and the group is known to be a more conscious consumer than any older generation. 

Discover the Marketers and Brands of the Year for the US👇


Alyssa Raine

Dina Fierro
Nars Cosmetics

Kerrie Lopez
Thrive Market



Brands and Marketers collecting the title are invited to order their trophy by contacting us.

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