Top Marketers & Top Brands in China - MOTY & BOTY China

Top Marketers & Top Brands in China – MOTY & BOTY China

Marketing’s purpose is to help brands and companies gain more visibility and mobilize audiences to take action.
A delicate art that some people and companies mastered. This competition aims to reward challenger marketers and leading brands that are pushing the industry forward. 
After a selected nomination and handful selection, our panel has decided to reward brands and professionals across the world.
With a published list for 59 countries. The competition shines line on local and regional market specificities and our jury and methodology for selection focused not only on the leaders but the doers, people enabling their brands and companies and teams with track record work in those markets.

For a fact, China is the world’s most populous country, with a population of around 1.4 billion. We can count China as a different world itself when it comes to digital, they have everything of their own and it’s hard for world-famous companies to enter the Chinese market. Obviously, China is home to a retailer bigger than any other in the world. Alibaba is making a great impact with AliExpress, which is already the sixth-biggest online shopping site in the US. The marketing communications market in China is undergoing a huge transformation. Internet, social media, and the rise of information technology have generated a disruptive influence, and traditional media no longer has the dominant discourse due to the reshaping of the traditional industry value chain, weakening of the distribution channels, and closer communication between advertisers and consumers. 

Discover the Marketers and Brands of the Year for China👇



Elena Kudryashova
Procter & Gamble

Tina Chao





Brands and Marketers collecting the title are invited to order their trophy by contacting us.

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