Ad World Masters announces Copper Awards winner – Competition summary

The Copper Awards competition is a unique initiative launched by Ad World Masters to brighten the mood of this though period. 

The outbreak of the virus known as COVID-19 turned our lives upside down in a short period of time, we had and still are adapting to a new way of living, but we are not the only ones. In fact, brands and companies faced a big shift in their practices and above all in their communication. 

Advertising agencies quickly reacted to the situation and even when working remotely (read here how agencies are reacting to the virus) they were able to promptly deliver new messages for our favorite brands. Every kind of media, from images to videos to billboards became a vehicle for information, support, hope, reassurance, and even humor. 

Ad World Masters decided to celebrate these creative efforts in response to the state of emergency to reward the agencies who were able to design the best campaign about COVID-19 according to our audience. All the participants in this competition have the same theme, they communicate their attitude and reaction towards the current situation

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We gathered campaigns and content which were published before the 6th of April. Since the situation is likely to last for an undetermined time more and more companies and agencies respond with new campaigns on the same theme but our competition had to be time-bound to be able to establish a winner.

After a week of voting, on Monday the 13th of April, the competition ended and we are finally able to reveal the results. The public has been the judge of the competition this time and we were excited to discover which campaign gained the most success.  

We are pleased to announce that the campaign most liked by our audience among 23 entries scored a sum of 422 votes, therefore the winner of the Copper Awards is: “Off road, in house” for Jeep by Mood Perù! 

Jeep - Off road, in house

This brand, always known for its tough and adventurous spirit, now puts aside the urge to wander and explore to communicate a new message: it is the time to stay home as suggested to us with the view of the inside of a garage from under the hood of a Jeep. 

Congratulations are in order for the winning agency but especially to all those who created this great campaign: 

Advertising Agency: Mood Peru, Lima, Peru
Creative Director: Alejandro La Torre
Head Of Art: Jorge Piscoya
Account Director: Natalie Bachman
Copywriter: Hugo Castro, Pedro Vasquez
Art Directors: Carlos Acosta and Miguel Villanueva Garcia
Social Media Director: Natalia Rodríguez Maldonado
Account Executives: Mitchell Chávez, Jessica Castillo, and Stana Villamonte
Retouch: Oscar Salazar.

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