Tips to improve your Agency Score

Some sayings say that “You are the sum of your actions / choices / experiences”. When it comes to your agency and how Ad World Masters scores it we could change this by “Your agency is the sum of its data”. Which means you need to ensure your agency profile is relevant and accurate.

Polish your profile

Make sure the data you list about your agency is relevant and correct. A wrong link, a mistyped information can be wrongly interpreted by our algorithms influence your score… Moreover if you take the time to add more information to your profile this can Improve your agency profile score and your Agency Score too.

More data

The more fields and information you are able to provide about your agency the better our algorithms can work. This said do not invent or add information that can be deemed incorrect.

Add at least 4 of case studies

Showcase your work by including more projects in your agency profile. We understand a greater portfolio as a more skilled firm. Additionally, that’s a good way to improve your profile for clients.

Invite somebody to manage the profile with you

Get a team member to handle your profile on Ad World Masters with you. Ad World Masters allow you to invite one (or more) of your coworker to co-manage the profile with you.  If you do not have the time to input and edit the information by yourself you can simply invite somebody and this person will be able to enhance the profile. Plus sometimes another person can enter data that might have been otherwise missed. So be sure to not skip on this one.

Get customers reviews and improve your rating

If they are favorable, reviews can assist you to raise your score, Share your profile for review with your most loyal customers using the invitation link that you can find on your user dashboard. Thanks to this link your clients will be guided into the process of writing a review for your agency.

Get premium

Premium can help you dive deeper into your profile and our team will be dedicated to help you optimize your profile for better scoring. That’s only one benefit of having Premium. See the benefit of premium on ‘Pricing‘.

If your agency is not on Ad World Masters yet, register and list your agency to participate. Bear in mind that participation, as well as the receiving of the digital title, does not incur any fees. More information about the competition.

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