Balance between creative and Technology

Maintain A Steady Balance Between Technology And Creative

Technology has been one of the most fundamental and uprising branding mediums for last many years. It is influencing marketing agencies to start their campaigns with complete augmentation of technology in their business processes. All the top agencies are now promoting with an equation that is based on technology and creative as their core policies.

As long as we continue to come across the necessity of technology in every domain, we need to integrate it in all our creative processes for the ideal business outcome. It’s a high time for agencies to realize that creative and technology are not two different departments, but something you need to merge to get the best results.

Data Analytics Are The Ultimate Game Changers 

Although we can’t emphasize enough on finding the right balance between creative and data analytics, marketing agencies often feel lost when it comes to numbers. From personalization of content with correct data insights to getting software services -like Martech and Adtech, on board to track metrics and design better campaigns is all the more necessary nowadays.

Furthermore, doing tests and trials on smaller scale to derive the results and analyze them to make accurate decisions is one of the best moves of today’s top agencies. This, in turn, not only allows them to leverage the technology for their own use, but also combine it with some creative ideas for the most aesthetic UX/UI and best usability for base clientele.

In fact, showcasing your effectiveness while being backed with some insightful data and numbers can help you get on the right track to business intelligence. This can, in turn, allow you to upsell your services and optimize your game plan according to your customer’s psychological predisposition.

The Slow And Steady Doesn’t Always Win The Race

Do you know that only a one second delay in page load can cause you a 7% loss of conversions?

Yes, today millennials are all about motion and action. A one second interlude and they’ll click back to find another faster loading site. This will not only cause you to become a follower rather than a leader but also snatch your chances to get the customers, just because you couldn’t get their on time.

We all can deduce that a website that can entertain new and returning customers is going to be the most likely winner in the marketing game. To avoid all this page abandonment, it is now all the more necessary for you to have your tech team ready every minute for any fixtures and updates.

Speed and Open Source Technologies -The Right Utilization Of Technology And Creative

Considering that we are now lagging behind goldfish even, our attention span is now only merely about 8 seconds. So, what do you think a generation of this capacity needs? Well, speed for the most part can do the job, for sure.

Yes, we need to tap into some speed to reduce the time to monetize an idea to the absolute success. As they say, grab the opportunity before everyone even forgets about it -keeping an eye out for trends and current affairs is also a must to capture the right moment.

Another reason to embrace technology is the ease with which it comes. And this aspect can clearly be shown by some open access networks that are -as the name implies- free of cost for the public to add or take as they want. These free sources are considered the best as they offer multitudes of options for the developers to choose from and allow them to grow as a community with all the bug removals and updates. Not only that but these open sources also provide an efficient integration of software to the client’s tech stack -increasing the flexibility for both the marketing agencies and the brands.

Today, several of the agencies are using technology and creative to open the door of opportunities for themselves. Such is an example of Havas New York, an ad. agency winning the Creativity Breakthrough Experience award and Ad Age A-list award for creating the world’s first ad coded blockchain. Now this is what we call maintaining the balance between technology and creative for optimum success.

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