‘Learning’ the secret to unlock agency growth

If you manage an agency, one of the main pain points is probably generating leads, or finding clients and sometimes finding talent. And that could very well be the case, but there is another challenge that is often less talked about: Learning.

Specifically, learning how to tackle the above challenges and other problematics facing while growing an agency. It could also be training your team to execute work for the clients. When it comes to growing your agency, training yourself, your team and building marketing expertise are paramount to your company’s success. But how do you find time to learn valuable marketing strategies when most of it is spent running your business? 

The answer could be digital marketing academies — A community of agency owners and marketers sharing knowledge to grow at their own pace.
Vendasta which provides a complete software solution to over 5,000 agencies, has set up a vibrant space for agency owners to learn and share their expertise – the best of all, it’s free!

Vendasta - Conquer Local Academy

Introducing the Conquer Local Academy

A free digital academy by agencies for agencies

Exploring topics that are specifically relevant to your agency, getting insights directly from other agency managers is what can make the difference between trial and error approach and systemic growth.

The Conquer Local academy is a virtual place of learning where marketers get access to business-specific courses and training in order to start, grow, and scale their agencies.

Often agency owners have access to the best-in-class tools to provide their services and the right set of customers to target. But what they lack is the training to execute those services.
This digital marketing academy helps bridge that gap between the two.

It is dynamic in nature, which means that the training, courses, and content will evolve as time passes to always address the current and relevant marketing landscape.
Furthermore, an academy also gives business professionals an opportunity to learn the latest from the best minds in the industry, something that may give you the edge.

Join the Conquer Local Academy and learn from the industry’s thought leaders!

Benefits of a digital marketing academy

Part of running a successful business is to incorporate the concept of Learn, Do, Teach. 

It reasons that agency owners should spend: 

  • ⅓ of their time learning and widening their horizons,
  • ⅓ executing those strategies and putting them into practice,
  • ⅓ in training others on their team.

This approach focuses on working on the business and growing it,
rather than working in it and staying stagnant. 

A digital marketing academy gives agency owners the virtual platform that provides opportunities to learn, do, teach. Some of the advantages of a digital marketing academy include:

1. Learning at your own pace 

Choose the method and frequency at which to take training courses and learn. Some prefer to learn in a practical hands-on way, while others might like education through video instruction and tutorials.

Others may want to learn on their own by reading content and methodically digesting insights in a linear fashion, while others prefer a setting where they can ask questions.

2. An ecosystem for support

Agency owners often thrive by being a part of an ecosystem that allows them to collaborate and learn from each other.
A digital academy is especially helpful for agency owners who are new and may have just started their businesses because it provides opportunities to learn from experienced and established professionals or industry thought leaders who have likely done it before.

Being able to connect, ask them questions, explore ideas, and brainstorm strategies to come up with the best solutions.This type of mentorship is already commonplace within startups. Agencies, which are digital enabler and innovative, can also benefit from peer’s bits of advice.

It helps bridge the gap between a learner and a course creator. Learners can have the opportunity to get queries addressed directly by a course creator — a better learning process. And, due to the virtual nature of the platform, you don’t need to plan a certain day in the year to attend a networking event. The presence of a digital marketing resource, like Vendasta’s  Conquer Local Academy, provides professionals with that ecosystem to thrive 365 days a year.

 3. Guided training for your team

Looking back at the learn, do, teach a principle, spending one-third of the time teaching your team about the intricacies of the business makes sense in order to make the business more efficient in the long term. There is simply too much work for an agency owner to manage all the work without doing a burnout. You need a team, and you need to train your team to share the responsibilities.

This being said, sometimes training can be a daunting task in itself.  A digital marketing academy is the perfect solution because agency owners can impart the right set of training to their team without putting in much effort.

“The training modules have been helpful not only for me but also for the team that I have hired. I can save time and effort by just telling them to go through a specific course. Having the Conquer Local Academy as a resource is really helpful.”
Mitchell Slater / CEO / Slater Strategies

4. Staying relevant

Now you might think you are on the top of your game, and you might very well be, but digital competencies like Softwares need constant updates nowadays.

Digital marketing academies, like Conquer Local, keep these learnings evergreen. As time passes and marketing concepts evolve, the training courses are being updated and adapt to constant change.

This assures marketing agency owners that they’re getting the best and most relevant training when it comes to building out their marketing expertise.

4. Expertise and learning culture

Agencies boast talents from all fields and there is a chance you and your senior team members are among the best knowledgable persons. Turning from skilled professional, to expert and educator also forces one to keep abreast of the latest advancement in its area. 

Join the Conquer Local Academy and position yourself as an expert.

It might be overlooked, but by including learning into your company culture and joining a digital academy, you can make sure to grow and solve your critical challenges such as:

  • Finding clients
  • Employee training
  • Finding talents
  • Systemic growth
  • Company Culture

…and much more thematic to help you grow your agency and your clients’ businesses.

Join the Conquer Local Academy and learn today from agency leaders

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