Jeffrey Lim

Introducing Jeffrey Lim from 8traordinary

Meet Jeffrey Lim

With 15 years of experience, Jeffrey leads one of the most dynamic and modern consultancies in South East Asia.
He is the Founder and Managing director or 8traordinary, a Singaporean branding and social media agency bridging the gap between online and offline.

How have you come up with launching your agency?

I majored in Sport Marketing during my Diploma days and have always been fascinated by how sport as a medium is one of the most powerful and effective to reach audiences across geographical, gender, racial and even cultural differences. This fascination, coupled with my passion for creative and desire for excellence, drew me into the marketing and creative industry some 15 years ago. After spending near to 7 years heading up a local digital agency and completing my Master in Digital Management at Hyper Island in the process, I was encouraged to start 8traordinary by many of the clients and brands that I have supported over the years.

What is 8traordinary approach to communication?

The ad world has evolved from print, radio, TV, then internet and now social media. In the past, advertising/communications/marketing is like creating a key and then running around looking for a lock to open the door with the key. With the influx of technology, data, and personalization, no one product nor message is a ‘one size fits all’ approach anymore. The only solution is to speak to each brand or organization or even individual on what lock they have and design a key to open it. 8traordinary was created to uncover the real problems and solve them through great branding, creative and communications and in the process provide the best value and experience to our clients and their customers.

How the agency operates?

Living in new world that is often powered by the gig economy, we combined the effectiveness of in-house talents, freelancers and various industry specialist partners to offer the most solutions to our clients. This allows us to undertake big and small assignments with great ideas and creativity, efficient execution, and tremendous value.

What insights have you learned from 2020?

This pandemic has disrupted businesses and lives. The positives we can glean from this situation is that no individual or business is too big or too successful to constantly learn, change and adapt.
It’s also vital to revisit our passions and values and continuously align our thinking processes and actions so that we are always in the business of making things simpler and better.
Every individual is unique and special and brings or ought to bring something valuable to our world. It’s the coming together of everyone with our different backgrounds, experiences and expertises that will create solutions and magic in our society.

I’ve heard people talking about every company ought to embrace the digital transformation during this Covid19 or post Covid19 to survive. I will rephrase this emphasis to every organization should prioritise a user-first approach.
Brands and businesses need to relook at how to offer products, services, experiences and communicate in medium(s) that are most seamless, conducive and non-disruptive to a user’s lifestyle.

How your clients’ demands and practices changed?

We’ve seen more prospects enquiring about building websites, eCommerce sites, enhancing social media channels, and creating online campaigns over the last few months.
More agency introductions, pitches and presentations were done over Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Team in the recent months as well.

How 8traordinary is positioning itself, and how is it evolving?

We’ve grown strong in the retail and shopping mall verticals over the years and will take these valuable experiences to make us a Retail and Mall Specialist in the coming year.
We aim to partner with our clients to explore creative ways to offer content, experiences, and products & services in an O2O manner that wows.

Branding in this new era has also changed, and we are working with more brands and organizations to rebrand and relaunch themselves in unique ways that will be native across the different platforms.

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