Find Comfort In Discomfort To Evolve As An Agency

Gone are the days when you needed to get the space on the first page of newspaper to make it big or when televisions ads were considered as the top-notch marketing techniques. Now, it is all about data driven strategies and tech-oriented skills that can get you to best places.

Though, the question is what to do to grow substantially?

Settle with the unsettling

Embrace all things that are disconcerting and uncertain. In short, find comfort in discomfort.


Well, let me explain.

Go a few years back. What do you see? Sitting in your office with your team and working hard day and night to get your first big project through successfully. Fast forward a few months and you are seeing yourself struggling to pay your team members timely, because apparently it wasn’t all good and sunshine.

However, what was the general feeling you had in those days? Were you completely comfortable? Did you agree to all new prospects without any fear and doubt?

Not to make you depressed, but there is no doubt that it must have been a period of uncertainty. You were merely taking leaps of faith at the time. You were pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, because all that seemed disconcerting at that time was the only thing that could bare you fruit in the longer run.

In short, you were uncomfortable.

If you ponder on it, being uncomfortable wasn’t a bad thing for you. You are where you are now because of all the struggles you did and all of the risks you took in the start. You made a small idea of agency to this big and great thing it is now. You took your team to the heights it only dreamt of before because you were relentless and willing to embrace chsnge.

Why you need to find comfort in the discomfort?

Although stability and security sounds all good and vanilla, trust me it’s not something you need. Because if you settle on it, it can turn out to be stagnant and you will be stuck in a limbo unable to progress and move.

The time of discomfort was the peak of your productive career. You were constantly busy creating new ways, finding solutions, and creatively developing innovative marketing strategies.

Rehashing and embracing that period of productivity again isn’t much difficult, especially if you work on our following advices.

Integrate the latest tools in your tech stack

Research and development is the biggest motivation of today’s digital world. You see release of newer technologies almost every day. Be it some tech-savvy AI feature or a new communication software, deploy the new technology elements in your system to bring the change for the betterment of all.

Take your clients with you on this journey of innovation

If you are feeling stuck in one place, it’s a given that your clients must be feeling the same. Although the security that comes with stability can be a lot addictive, it is your duty to set an excellent example and motivate your clients to challenge themselves. Help them in understanding the basic concept of innovation and present creative strategies to get them on board to this new journey.

Focus on tomorrow for optimum success

Future holds all the answer to mysteries. When everyone is busy with today, get two steps ahead and start anticipating your audience’s wants and needs beginning right at this moment. Know your data, keep up with trends, and most of all analyze your customers’ behaviour.

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