Agency Pitching: What Is Mismatch And How To Avoid It?

If you ask me one thing that is most crucial for an agency’s successful progress, it is pitching. Now, the question is what quality of pitching do you need?

Well, pitching for a marketing agency is like a trailer to a movie or a blurb to some book. A trailer or blurb is like an insight to the whole stuff you are providing. If it proves to be exciting enough, you can easily prompt people to come to watch the movie or buy the book. Despite the fact that there can be bad trailers for bad stuff, but what if the trailer is bad for some actual good stuff? It will only be your loss. While you can deliver the quality,

this means that you are failing to impress your target audience and hence, losing out on clients.

When you are pitching, you are basically presenting everything a client ought to know about you. From your agency’s background to your campaign ideas, you show all of your strengths in a pitch. It is important that the client can achieve the level of understanding they are desiring in their business partners. Companies want to develop a proper work relationship and for that to work out they want to know about you. In a pitch, you have to answer your potential client’s all of the whats, whos, and hows. Further, it is also essential that you back up your claims with proofs. It’s never good to be only talks. Always be ready to deliver what you promised for in your pitch.

Mismatch- The Most Frequent Cause Of Losing Pitches

Mismatch is simply when you fail to deliver what you promised. It can be either be when you claim to have the best team work and communication, but your team members end up talking over each other right in the presentation room or you present a capability to understand the project completely but fail to ask the relevant questions. Moreover, mismatch can also show in your inability to sort out budgets.

What Can Be The Cause Of Mismatch?

The most important aspect of pitching is the presentation. If you nail the presentation, the project can be yours easily. However, to be able to do so, you need proper collaboration of all departments and teams of your agency. A mismatch can occur if your teams are already in disagreement with each other or there are some underlying issues within your teams. Furthermore, it is always better to practice your pitch presentation beforehand, so you can check out all issues that may arise during the original presentation.

What Can You Do To Avoid Mismatch?

Avoiding mismatch can be quite easy, if only you focus on these three factors:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Rehearsing

Assessment is the first stage, you need to go through during the preparation of pitch presentation. Recreate any of your latest pitch presentations and try to analyse your actions by appointing a member of your team to assess whether you are acting on your words or not. Ask him to make bullet points, so you can work on them later, easily.

Now, the next stage is planning. Here, you can work on how to execute your practice sessions. This is easier to handle, as all you need to make is a schedule and you are done. The last stage is rehearsing and as the term implies, it means you have to practice till you are able to end all the gaps between your words and delivery. It is important that you rehearse with all the right props, including the audience and act as you are actually presenting in front of the clients.

Pitches are one of the most crucial elements in landing you clients. If it is not your absolute best, you can not only lose clients but also your reputation. Work on your pitching, it is definitely worth it!



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