Influencer Marketing for ecommerce

3 ways e-commerce and DTC brands can use influencers

With Covid and lockdowns, many businesses have invested in digital medium and eCommerce to adapt to the changing environment.
For e-commerce, there are three main goals and benefits that can be attained through collaboration with influencers.

1️⃣ Boosting sales
2️⃣ SEO
3️⃣ Reviews about products or services on Google

To achieve these goals, online stores can purchase publications from Influencers. Each goal can be accomplished with a slightly different tactic:
1️⃣ Give Influencers discount codes that will be shared with their followers. Thanks to this code, it will be possible to check later how significant a given Influencer is in stimulating sales.
2️⃣ Agreeing with influencers to leave links in publications for a sufficiently long period. Of course, phrases and links should be selected according to your SEO strategy.
3️⃣ Take care of the communication with the influencers and make sure any product reviews are illustrative and authentic and easily found via google. (thinking of having an influencer publication named: [Your product] ultimate review!

Not to mention tracking and analytics are paramount for measuring and improving your future influencer marketing actions’ performances.

While each goal undeniably fosters your business, they would do it differently.
Boosting sales would be limited, and ad-hoc action usually time-bound, while SEO and Reviews are long term and can have a lasting impact on your online store performances.

Not only the influencer audience should match yours, but it is also considering the most effective channel depending on the objective.
For Boosting sales, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok will work best.
When it comes to SEO and Reviews, blog publications and YouTube will be more efficient.

While in the early days of influencer marketing, it relied on contacting influencers directly for partnerships. Nowadays, brands and agencies can collaborate with agencies easily and faster than ever, thanks to influencer marketing platforms. leader on the Polish market and a rising star in central Europe soon looking for expansion in other countries.

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