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Base price for 1 campaign / 1 brand.
It can not be purchased in bulk.

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Creative Brief Writing

We will write a creative brief that will sparkle great ideas.


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At Ad World Masters, we have combined experience of both entrepreneurship and marketing, having worked both on the agency side and in Fortune 500 companies. We know that a brief is a piece that should crystallize your brand value and challenges while inspiring - rather than limiting - agencies to deliver unique creative outcomes.

This simple solution is a good starting point if you are planning to hire an agency. We will guide you into the process through conversation and deliver a creative brief that you will be able to use directly. Whether you are looking to hire a digital agency, work with a creative agency, or prepare an integrated campaign/activation for your brand, we are ready to assist you with Creative Brief Writing.


What you get:

  • Up to 1-hour video consultation
  • Assistance with defining your goals and KPI
  • Assistance with defining your needs
  • Assistance with defining your budget
  • Assistance with defining your brand story
  • Assistance with benchmarking solution
  • Ready-to-use Creative Brief

How it works?

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Your consulting package directly online.
Shop confidently with our 14-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. “No questions asked” - But eventually, a little feedback would be nice.
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Setting up an introduction call, we collect all the information needed to get working on your project. We keep you updated.
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With confidence, with a top-notch agency collaboration. Our consulting saves you time while ensuring you get the best ROI.

Need more?

We’ve got that too

This package is designed to offer our expertise in Creative Brief writing. It is specifically well-indicated fo creative and content-oriented lines of questioning. If your project focuses on technological deliverables (web design, E-commerce, app development…), this package will not cover it. This said, we are ready to assist you on an hourly basis. We will tell you upfront if we believe you need to purchase extra hours of consultation to produce the necessary documentation to kickstart your project. If through conversation, it turns out a different package seems better suited to you, we will tell you.
Extra research or documentation:
$Marketing Strategy Definition of your goals and objectives, Help defining KPIs….
$Research documentation
Your Brand story, Benchmarks, Market Research…
$Technical documentation
MVP formulation, Requirement documents…
Pitch organization
We organise, you watch the presentation, you decide.
from €200
3-hour consultation
Strategic thinking and expert advice to up to 3 hours.
5-hour consultation
Strategic thinking and expert advice to up to 5 hours.


We’ve got you covered!

WWe understand our way of doing consultancy - with a fully digital platform - might trigger questions.

See our FAQ just below or contact us directly, and we’ll explain more about our service.
What will I receive?
You will receive your Creative Brief in the form of a PDF/Word document that explains the issues you want to solve. Or, what you would like to achieve with your business and how it has to be done. Depending on the project elements of your brand story, it may include current strategy, budget, desired timeline, benchmark, "Dos and Dont's," and more...
How long before I receive my Creative Brief?
You will usually receive your Creative Brief 4-5 business days after your order, depending on demand and your project’s complexity.
How do you write the Creative Brief?
Through discussion and, if necessary, via email, we will ask you preliminary research questions to determine your campaign/brand’s needs, as well as its ideal impact and results.
Note that not everything you state or remark will appear on the final document. An important part of our work is to determine what is relevant regarding the purpose of the brief itself. The brief should inspire and not restrict or puzzle creative teams with too much information. Having experience from both sides (agency and brand), we know what elements to include and whether or not to include them in the creative brief.
Who is responsible for writing the Creative Brief?
A senior member of our team will take care of your project from A to Z; he will be your person of contact and responsible for writing your brief. He will also discuss it with other team members and partners, and seek relevant opinions from them to bring you the best input.
What do you mean by "for 1 campaign / 1 brand"?
We have to limit what we can deliver at a specific price.
This package only works if you want to write 1 creative brief, for 1 campaign, for 1 brand. If you would like to run 2 campaigns for 1 brand, you will need to order 2 packages. If you want to adapt 1 campaign to 2 different brands you own, the same applies.
Note that €150 represents the base price for this deliverable. It does not account for extras (Marketing Strategy, Research documentation, or Technical documentation, etc.) that you may require if your project appears complex or has significant technological requirements. If we have any reason to believe the package might not cover all your needs, we will tell you. In this case, you can either be refunded or order additional hours to make up for the extras required by your project.
Can I sign an NDA with you before communicating critical information?
Our clients' privacy is one of our primary concerns, and we observe an impeccable work ethic. If you require it, we will be happy to sign your NDA.
Where and how do you operate?
We are based in the EU, but we operate globally and work remotely. We live with our times. We are a multicultural team of digital natives, which means you will only meet us through video calls and get in touch with us via email or social media. This allows us to be time- and cost-efficient and is a cornerstone of our service.
Is this a good package for me?
Yes – If you are looking only for a creative brief and already know the agencies you want to submit it to. Maybe not... – If you are also looking for agencies to send the brief to, our Pitch Organization package is more suitable for you.
What do you understand by 14 days - 100% money-back guarantee?
As long as no deliverable has been sent to you, you can ask for a refund for up to 14 days from when you ordered. When you have been delivered the Report, no refund requests will be accepted. If you are not satisfied with our research, you have 14 days to request a refund, and we will do our best to satisfy you.

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