Campaign Localization
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Consulting package

Campaign Localization

We will help you find the right partner to enter a new market.


Self managed or integrated
Save yourself precious time
14 days - 100% money back
Brands that are aspiring to enter a new market with a low-risk investment for their marketing activities are among our top customers. We help by localizing a global campaign for a new market they want to expand to. For this specific need, some skills are more appropriate than others. Sometimes, agencies are indicated for the job, but sometimes it can be freelancers and consultants who work autonomously. We will make sure to find your brand the right long-term collaboration partner. An ally that with both the experience and capabilities you need to ensure smooth remote collaboration.

Once our research is complete, you will have the choice between 2 models of collaboration: Self-Managed or Integrated.


What you get:

  • Up to 1-hour video call
  • Assistance with defining your needs
  • Advanced provider research
  • Providers’ capabilities prescreening
  • Choice between 2 modes of collaboration
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient

Collaboration models

2 models to match your needs

We research the ideal partner, and then we manage the collaboration with them. This is a good option if you seek reliability. It is ideal for coordinating freelancers. We will always look for a new provider if one fails. You will have a single point of contact with a dedicated Ad World Master account manager, and receive monthly invoices from Ad World Masters directly.

How it works?

It couldn't be simpler

Your consulting package directly online.
Shop confidently with our 14-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. “No questions asked” - But eventually, a little feedback would be nice.
We get to work
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Setting up an introduction call, we collect all the information needed to get working on your project. We keep you updated.
Power up your business
With confidence, with a top-notch agency collaboration. Our consulting saves you time while ensuring you get the best ROI.

Need more?

We’ve got that too

This package ideal for finding providers to localize an existing campaign or strategy, assuming that you already have various assets and you or your agency is ready to transfer them to be translated and adapted to another market.

If you need a strategy and need to produce content from scratch (instead of localization) you might be better off with Pitch Organization or Agency Preselection directly in the market you aim to enter.
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We’ve got you covered!

WWe understand our way of doing consultancy - with a fully digital platform - might trigger questions.

See our FAQ just below or contact us directly, and we’ll explain more about our service.
What will I receive?
A list of service providers (agencies or freelancers) ready to work for you.
How long before I can start collaborating to localize my campaign?
For finding a partner abroad, our research and recommendations can take up to 10 days (2 weeks) from the moment you place your order.
What is your process for finding a proper partner?
After defining your needs together with you, we will research agencies or freelancers that are ready to collaborate on the particular conditions we have identified.
Who is responsible for researching offshore service providers?
A senior member of our team will take care of your project from A to Z. He will be your person of contact and responsible for researching the ideal providers for your campaign localization. We will also discuss and ask relevant opinions with other team members and partners to bring you the best output.
Can I choose which model I want?
Yes, this is totally up to you. We can recommend our Integrated model, but you are free to Self-Manage your localization if you prefer.
What are the advantages of the Self-Managed model?
It is autonomous and direct. After we introduce you to your partner, you are in charge. You negotiate final prices and stay directly in contact with them to localize and launch your campaign. This is what we recommend for larger projects that are usually managed directly by a local agency. Or if you want to take care of collaborating with freelancers on your own. In this model, you receive invoices directly from your providers.
What are the advantages of the Integrated model?
In the case of a freelancer-based collaboration, it makes it easier for you. Instead of coordinating freelancers on your own, we take care of this for you and act as project managers for your campaign localization. We work as the warrant of freelancers' reliability and find an alternative or extra providers when needed. In this model, Ad World Masters invoice you for the service monthly.
Can I sign an NDA with you before communicating critical information?
Our clients' privacy is one of our primary concerns, and we observe an impeccable work ethic. If you require so, we would be happy to sign your NDA.
Where and how do you operate?
We are based in the EU, but we operate globally and work remotely. We live with our times. We are a multicultural team of digital natives, which means you will only meet us through video calls and got in touch with us via email or social media. This allows us to be time and cost-efficient and is a cornerstone of our service.
Is this a good package for me?
Yes – If you are looking to enter a new market and already have a strategy and assets that you can reuse. No – if you do not have a strategy and assets available. In this case, we recommend Pitch Organization or Agency Preselection.
What do you understand by 14 days - 100% money-back guarantee?
As long as no deliverable has been sent to you, you can ask for a refund for up to 14 days after you ordered. When you have been delivered the research, no refund request will be accepted. If you are not satisfied with the produced research you have 14 days to submit a reclamation, and we will work towards your satisfaction.

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