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Agency Review

We will analyze and diagnose your agency's performances.


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Get expert insight on your previous agency / campaign performances.

Upon collection of data from your campaign and your agency, we perform a qualitative analysis. Our analysis takes two angles.
- Campaign performances:
KPIs are analyzed and compared to the relevant market segment to determine campaign effectiveness.
- Agency collaboration:
Looking at the overall service and specific data about the agency and roles of key persons involved, we assess the partnership’s value. Our Report includes these two detailed studies and a summary, confronting them, providing you a real independent insight.


What you get:

  • Up to 3-hour video interview
  • Assistance with relevant data collection
  • Expert analysis of Campaign performances
  • Expert analysis of the Agency collaboration
  • Comprehensive report analyzing 2 angles
  • Independent insight on your collaboration

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Need more?

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This package can help you determine the value of your collaboration. Often Agency Review directly precedes the organisation of a new pitch for the following period/budget.

We are capable to assist you with your agency sourcing whether you want us to Organize a Pitch or simply provide you a list of alternative providers (Agency Preselection) or help you finding a local partner to enter a new market (Campaign Localization).
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We’ve got you covered!

WWe understand our way of doing consultancy - with a fully digital platform - might trigger questions.

See our FAQ just below or contact us directly, and we’ll explain more about our service.
What will I receive?
You will receive your Agency Review Report in the form of a PDF document that will analyze your partnership through 2 angles: Analyzing the Campaign itself and its performance, and the collaboration. Both aspects are confronted in a summary included in the Report.
How long before I receive my Agency Review?
Our experience has shown we need sufficient time to gather data, and we are usually able to deliver you the Report between 1 and 2 weeks from the moment you placed your order.
What is your process to make an Agency Review?
The process adjusts depending on the type of campaign or collaboration to review and the data you can provide. Producing agency review typically goes into several phases: 1. Data collection 2. Primary analysis 3. Research 4. Cross analysis, and 5. Edition of the Report.
Who is responsible for writing conducting the review?
A senior member of our team will take care of your project from A to Z. He will be your person of contact and responsible for making your Agency Review. We will also discuss and ask relevant opinions with other team members and partners to bring you the best output.
What do you understand by "time of collaboration" (Up to 18 months...)?
We have to put a limit to what we can deliver under a specific price.
This package only works to get 1 Agency Review Report for 1 brand collaboration with 1 agency over the specified selected period. You can decide to order a period shorter than the whole length of cooperation if you want, but we will only analyze data for the chosen period. I.e. if you have collaborated with any agency for 5 years but would like to purchase an Agency Review for up to 18 months (€200) we will only focus on 18 months of partnership.
Can I sign NDA with you before communicating critical information?
Our clients' privacy is one of our primary concerns, and we observe an impeccable work ethic. If you require so, we would be happy to sign your NDA.
Where and how do you operate?
We are based in the EU, but we operate globally and work remotely. We live with our times. We are a multicultural team of digital natives, which means you will only meet us through video calls and got in touch with us via email or social media. This allows us to be time and cost-efficient and is a cornerstone of our service.
Is this a good package for me?
Yes – If you are looking to get honest and transparent feedback on your current or previous collaboration. This is an ideal package and can help you understand how to get more out fo your agency.
What do you understand by 14 days - 100% money-back guarantee?
As long as no deliverable has been sent to you, you can ask for a refund for up to 14 days after you ordered. When you have been delivered the Report, no refund request will be accepted. If you are not satisfied with the produced Report you have 14 days to submit a reclamation, and we will work towards your satisfaction.

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