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Tell us about your project and we will recommend a list of top-performing agencies guaranteed to deliver you the best results. By analyzing your needs and determining the type of collaboration, we will research the most adequate partners for your company. We will provide you with a list of agencies with the relevant skillset, a headcount that matches your expectations, and experience that speaks for itself - for your specific project. This is the perfect package for you if you are starting the process of hiring an agency and do not plan to organize a pitch.


What you get:

  • Up to 1-hour video consultation
  • Assistance with defining your needs
  • Advanced agency research
  • Agency prescreening
  • Report with a shortlist of the 3/5/10 best fitting agencies

How it works?

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Your consulting package directly online.
Shop confidently with our 14-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. “No questions asked” - But eventually, a little feedback would be nice.
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Setting up an introduction call, we collect all the information needed to get working on your project. We keep you updated.
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With confidence, with a top-notch agency collaboration. Our consulting saves you time while ensuring you get the best ROI.

Need more?

We’ve got that too

This package is designed to offer our core consultancy service: agency research at a cost-effective price. Ideal if you are hiring an agency directly (not through a pitch/RFP), or if you know how to organize a pitch and prefer to take care of this part.

Otherwise, if you need assistance with Pitch Organization or Creative Brief Writing, we suggest you take a look at these two other packages.
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Creative Brief Writing
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3-hour consultation
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We’ve got you covered!

WWe understand our way of doing consultancy - with a fully digital platform - might trigger questions.

See our FAQ just below or contact us directly, and we’ll explain more about our service.
What will I receive?
We will find you the best-suited agencies for the collaboration you envision. Our deliverable is a report of the shortlisted agencies and why we believe they would be a perfect fit for your business.
How long before I receive my Report and shortlist?
Depending on the size of the shortlist you select (3/5/10), you can expect it in 2-4 days or up to a maximum of one week from the moment you place your order.
This is assuming we can have our introduction call on time.
How do you find the best fit agencies?
Our introduction call will help us understand your business needs and any particular requirements you may have. Based on this, we research the best-fitting agencies in our databases and beyond.
Starting with a long list, we refine until we have selected the very best agencies.
Can I exclude specific agencies from the research?
Yes! If there are agencies you would like us to exclude from the search, this is possible. Make sure to let us know during our call.
How can you be sure you have selected the best agencies?
For most marketers, agency preselection happens once in a while - but we made it our specialty. Being connected with thousands of agencies already, we know agencies, and we can understand your challenges.
While our method effectively finds the best candidates, you can always request a longer shortlist if you would like to be able to choose from more options.
Where and how do you operate?
We are based in the EU, but we operate globally and work remotely. We live with our times. We are a multicultural team of digital natives, which means you will only meet us through video calls and get in touch with us via email or social media. This allows us to be time- and cost-efficient and is a cornerstone of our service.
I do not have a brief will you help me write one?
While we do help you define your needs, creative brief writing is not included in this package. If you would like us to assist you with this, please take a look at Pitch Organization, which combines Agency Preselection and brief writing - or if you only want the brief - select Creative Brief Writing.
Is this a good package for me?
YYes! – If you are only looking for a shortlist of agencies to hire, this package is designed to deliver you precisely this.
Maybe not... – If you already know you will organize a pitch. Instead, you can leave the work to us and let us organize the pitch for you by selecting Pitch Organization package.
What do you mean by a 14-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee?
As long as no deliverable has been sent to you, you can ask for a refund for up to 14 days from when you ordered. When you have been delivered the Report, no refund requests will be accepted. If you are not satisfied with our research, you have 14 days to request a refund, and we will do our best to satisfy you.

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