Best practices for website performance

Performance is a never ending quest. As technology progresses and users behaviours shifts, websites regularly needs to evolve to adapt to keep up.

As an agency since back the early 2000s (or even late 90s đŸ˜‰) the way web design services and IT support is offered to clients has been transformed by technology. Open-source platforms with the help of developers and designers has allowed companies to develop custom solutions. Nowadays the lines between programming and design are fading. Thanks to tech companies such as Wix, web design and web development allows designer to design digital solutions faster than ever.

A lot  has changed in the way digital solutions are built for the web. Yet it is clear that the understanding of the user and the site performance remains central to building a delightful web experience which brings business value. Something  professional of the industry should keep update knowledge about.

Here are 2 points taken from the Wix Partners Digital agency series ebook on what makes up website performance.
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Designing the Best User Experience

When building a website, creating a beautiful design is just as important as giving site visitors a good experience. In such a fast-paced world, clients expect their sites to load fast. Optimizing your design will improve site loading time, drive traffic, boost conversions, and improve the user experience overall. With faster loading times, websites will score higher on speed test tools. This helps your clients’ sites rank higher on search engines, like Google.

Infrastructure and security

IT operation being the backbone of the Internet as we know it, and cybersecurity a fundamental they might be overlooked by the clients who is more focused on the front-end appearance. Nonetheless, both are extremely important as a website needs to be accessible and secure. Correctly setting up encryption, and adding wildcard SSL for an eCommerce or ensuring you have a proper content delivery system and mirroring infrastructure can be a necessity if you are developing a website for a client working across multiple regions.

Your client site performance depends on a number of factors, both local (related to Internet connection) and non-local (related to the site’s design).

The following eBook cover today’s best web design practices for optimizing site’s conversion.
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